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Maryland Solar Power

Maryland ranks twelfth in the U.S. for solar power capacity per capita. Because the state is just outside the top ten, Maryland is taking additional steps to increase solar power usage. In 2012, the state set a renewable energy target of 20% by 2020. This target includes 2% from solar power. From 2007 to 2008, the state’s annual grid-connected PV capacity increased by 211%. The next year, it increased by another 168%. Maryland has continued to see annual growth, beginning with 71% in 2010, 190% in 2011, 215% in 2012 and a 50% increase in 2013. With the incentives growing and the cost of panels going down, now is the time to invest in solar panels Maryland. Find out why now is the best time to go solar.

State Tax Incentives

A big part of why Maryland has continued making significant solar progress since 2007 is thanks to ongoing incentives for using renewable energy. The state’s Clean Energy Grant Program provides a $1,000 rebate for any resident who installs solar panels. Maryland also has a property tax exemption for solar panels. Since solar panels increase home value by an average factor of 20 times your annual electricity savings, being exempt from taxes on that increase adds up. If you are even curious, give us a call; there has never been a better time for residential solar panels Maryland.

When you purchase your solar panel system, it will be 100% exempt from sales tax. And once your system is installed and starts producing power, you can earn up to $132 for every Solar Renewable Energy Credit that your system generates. The state also has favorable net metering and interconnection standards.

Federal Tax Incentives

In addition to Maryland’s state tax incentives, the federal government offers a solar tax credit. This tax credit can cover 30% of the cost of installing a home solar power system. You can claim the full credit for your primary residence, as well as a partial credit for a vacation or rental home where you live for at least part of the year. When you file your federal tax return, claim your solar tax credit by including Form 5696. If the amount of the credit exceeds what you owe, the remainder will automatically roll over to the next year. Discover all the incentives availble in the old line state at DsireUSA Maryland.

As a result of the incentives currently available from both the state of Maryland and the federal government, there’s no better time than now to look into buying a solar power system for your home. Switching to solar now will help you start stacking savings immediately. Whether you need home solar panels Maryland, or are looking for providers of solar panels Baltimore, we have trained professionals ready to help you.

Help For All Maryland Residents

123SolarPower is your trusted partner for solar panels for sale Maryland. We make it easy to connect with the top providers of solar equipment. Installing solar panels will provide you with multiple benefits. You can get a free estimate of installation costs, as well as more information about savings, by filling out the above form. If you prefer to speak on the phone with a 123SolarPower expert, call us at: 800-294-2397.

Frequently Asked Questions

When making any modifications to the home, questions always arise. In order to discern whether adding solar panels is a good idea for a given home, having answers to the most frequently asked questions can help. These answers can not only help a homeowner decide whether or not to install solar panels on their home, but they may also help to alleviate some fears and/or concerns that homeowners have about solar power.

Will solar panels benefit my home if I do not have constant access to the sun?

It is a myth that only sunny places like California and Hawaii can benefit from the installation of solar panels. While solar panels do generate more power in areas that have more access to the sun, there are solar panels that are capable of capitalizing on diffused solar rays. These are the kind of solar rays that fall on overcast days.

What incentives are available to me?

There are many incentives in place to help convince homeowners to install solar panels. For example there are tax credits at both the state and federal levels. While the tax credit value varies by state, to the credit ranges to upwards of 25% on installation up to $1,000. Furthermore, most solar power devices are sales tax exempt. The federal tax credit is 30% on installation with no limit. For more information about tax incentives in your state, call 800-294-2397 to speak with a solar consultant.

What is the difference between on the grid and off the grid?

On the grid refers to one still being attached to the electric grid and essentially creates a solar/electric hybrid system. Off the grid refers to relying solely on solar power as the home is completely disconnected from any electric grid.

While solar panels may be expensive to install, the long-term savings (both personally and as a member of society) really outweigh the upfront costs. Moreover, the tax breaks available (through 2016) can also help to recoup some of the costs.

Adding solar panels to your home can benefit you in many ways—including tax credits and a decrease in your electric bill. For more information, please complete the online form or call 800-294-2397.

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