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The 123SolarPower Advantage



At 123SolarPolar our goal is to save you time and money. It is how we accomplish this goal that makes us stand out. It starts with our dedication to education. You may have wondered about the benefits of solar power in the past. Well, we provide you with the hard data and localized information in one location that can help you decide if a home solar installation is right for you.


For instance, although homeowners that switch to solar are eligible for federal grants and tax credits, the rebates and credits available at the state level differ vastly. We want you to know what is available to you. For this reason as soon as you enter your zip code we break down some of the savings available in your state. Knowledge is power, and once you know what solar can do for you personally, you have that power.


To take things a step further we have built a custom algorithm that uses information about your homes location and solar exposure data in your area to calculate a free estimate of how much you could save on your electricity bill with a minimal residential solar installation. You can receive your free savings estimate anytime by using our solar savings calculator.


Besides making your solar education fast and easy, we are available online and by phone 24/7. This means when you have questions or inquiries we are here to help you at the click of a button. 


We know time is money, and for this reason we go above and beyond to save you both. When you use 123SolarPower we do the work for you. We track down qualified solar providers and installers that service your area. We take the hassle out of finding and comparing these solar providers by bringing them to you.


It gets better. Not only do we find the providers for you, we have them compete for your business so you get the best deal, and can choose the installer that is right for you. Once we have connected you with solar providers, we have them deliver free solar installation quotes by phone or email. These quotes give you the ability to assess multiple home solar options and savings from the comfort of your couch or on the go!


Solar power offers Americans a way to slash utility bills while helping the environment, and the technology is only getting better. Sadly, not everyone has the time or knowledge to explore the benefits of solar panels. We know you’re busy, so do yourself a favor and let our team at 123SolarPower take the hassle out of going solar. Our service is free of charge and centered on helping you get custom tailored solar installation quotes, because when solar providers compete, you save!