Florida Incentives

As a leading provider of renewable solar energy in North America, 123SolarPower offers unparalleled service for residential and commercial properties looking to take advantage of solar energy. We offer a wide selection of styles and prices on solar panels for sale Florida. With hundred of partners across the continent, there are always 123SolarPower partners nearby. So whether you need solar panels Miami, solar panels Tampa, or solar panels Jacksonville FL we have experts ready and waiting to help you save money on your utility bill. Power purchase agreements and third party leasing has aided those who can’t afford to buy their own solar equipment elsewhere, but has not contributed enough to the growth of residential solar power systems Florida.

Solar Power in Florida

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, has the third most desirable location and conditions, nationwide, for the utilization of Florida solar panels. Despite the large number of year round sunny days and flat open landscape, Florida ranks only 17th among states for solar power installations. This shortfall is due to several factors. The first is a lack of a renewable energy portfolio, which encourages the investment of utility companies in renewable energy. Another hindrance is a policy that makes third party ownership of solar systems difficult. In addition the utility companies have either been unsupportive to creating solar programs or have offered lackluster incentives. One such program, proposed by Florida Power and Light, would ask customers to pay $9.00 per month on their utility bill toward the construction of small solar plants. Power purchase agreements and third party leasing has aided those who can’t afford to buy their own solar equipment elsewhere, but has not contributed enough to the growth of residential solar power systems Florida. 123Solarpower allows you to compare quotes and receive a free solar consultation, find out about the 123SolarPower advantage today.

State Level Solar Incentives

The sun still shines freely and brightly in Florida for those who do desire to go solar. The state and federal governments offer several financial incentives to homeowners that purchase and install residential solar panels Florida. 123SolarPower has made the purchase and installation of the residential solar energy Florida is offered a lot more affordable than it was in recent years. In addition, Florida has implemented a 100% sales tax exemption on the purchase of photovoltaic equipment (solar panels) as well as solar heat and solar hot water systems. To find out what incentives are offered in Florida visit DsireUSA.

Florida also offers all residents a new metering program for a vast range of renewable energy systems that includes photovoltaic panel installation. Net metering provides credit for any solar electricity produced by the customers over and above their own usage. This program is available for all systems up to 2 megawatts, and for customers of all investor owned utilities. For unused credits after 12 months, the utilities pay the customer an avoided cost rate, which is less than the standard rate. New incentives are being passed almost every year, making solar panels Florida ‘s next ripe industry for growth.

Federal Tax Incentives

Florida residents who pay for the equipment and installation of photovoltaic equipment are also eligible for a federal tax credit worth up to 30 percent of the costs incurred with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. To receive this credit simply file an application with form 5695 along with the tax form 1040. It is important to know that this act is scheduled to expire in 2016, but has been extended in the past.

In addition to the state and federal incentives that are in place, Florida residents are encouraged to investigate diligently on the local level also. A myriad of loan programs, rebates and other aid programs are offered through the county and city governments along with some of the local utility providers. So whether you need solar panels Sarasota, or solar panels Jacksonville, our solar experts can help you find even more city specific savings. For example, if you are looking for Miami solar panels it would be helpful to know that Miami has legislation in place to fast track the permit process for renewable energy.

Help For All Florida Residents

123SolarPower has highly qualified personnel in place to offer assistance to all residents of Florida regarding the design, proposal and installation of all solar projects, regardless of size or scope. With the many incentives offered at all levels, combined with cost effectiveness, going solar is surprisingly affordable and offers a sound return on investment in only a few years in most cases. For a detailed outline of the best solar options for your home, fill out the easy form on this site, or call 800-294-2397 and a solar professional will be pleased to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

When making any modifications to the home, questions always arise. In order to discern whether adding solar panels is a good idea for a given home, having answers to the most frequently asked questions can help. These answers can not only help a homeowner decide whether or not to install solar panels on their home, but they may also help to alleviate some fears and/or concerns that homeowners have about solar power.

Will solar panels benefit my home if I do not have constant access to the sun?

It is a myth that only sunny places like California and Hawaii can benefit from the installation of solar panels. While solar panels do generate more power in areas that have more access to the sun, there are solar panels that are capable of capitalizing on diffused solar rays. These are the kind of solar rays that fall on overcast days.

What incentives are available to me?

There are many incentives in place to help convince homeowners to install solar panels. For example there are tax credits at both the state and federal levels. While the tax credit value varies by state, to the credit ranges to upwards of 25% on installation up to $1,000. Furthermore, most solar power devices are sales tax exempt. The federal tax credit is 30% on installation with no limit. For more information about tax incentives in your state, call 800-294-2397 to speak with a solar consultant.

What is the difference between on the grid and off the grid?

On the grid refers to one still being attached to the electric grid and essentially creates a solar/electric hybrid system. Off the grid refers to relying solely on solar power as the home is completely disconnected from any electric grid.

While solar panels may be expensive to install, the long-term savings (both personally and as a member of society) really outweigh the upfront costs. Moreover, the tax breaks available (through 2016) can also help to recoup some of the costs.

Adding solar panels to your home can benefit you in many ways—including tax credits and a decrease in your electric bill. For more information, please complete the online form or call 800-294-2397.

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