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Ohio Solar Power

Ohio is ranked 19th in the United States for total solar energy capacity per capita. The state’s largest solar farm is located in Upper Sandusky. The solar panels used for this 12 MW project were made locally in the city of Perrysburg. A 49.9 MW solar power project is planned for southeastern Ohio. In Euclid, the solar panels installed at City Hall and the library are projected to provide $25,000 in savings over the next fifteen years. Between 2008 and 2013, the state’s grid-connected PV capacity grew from 1.4 MW to 98.4 MW. Solar is not a trend, it’s a cost efficient solution that the state of Ohio has embraced and so should you. We want to help, by reaching out we can get you a custom solar panels installation Ohio for your home or office.

State Tax Incentives

If you install a residential solar power system, Ohio provides a 100% property tax exemption for the value it adds to your home. Since a solar energy system increases a home’s value by an average of $20,000, the savings provided by this Ohio tax exemption are significant. While the state of Ohio does not offer solar power rebates or tax credits, residents can receive solar power performance payments. While these payments vary based on market conditions, they can be worth up to $300/MWh. The state also has one of the best net metering policies in the United States. Ohio’s favorable policy makes it possible to sell excess electricity generated by a solar power system for the same rate it costs to consume energy. So whether it is solar panels Cleveland Ohio, solar panels Dayton Ohio, or Solar panels Cincinnati you could be paid for the excess electricity your solar array creates.

Federal Tax Incentives

In addition to the state’s property tax exemption, Ohio residents can also claim a tax credit offered by the federal government. This tax credit is part of the Energy Policy Act. After being modified several times since it was introduced in 2005, the act currently offers a 30% tax credit for the cost of installing a solar power system. You can claim this credit by including Form 5695 when you file your tax return. Since this credit can be substantial, any amount greater than what you owe will be automatically applied to your next federal tax return.

Because the financial incentives provided by the state of Ohio and the federal government can significantly reduce the total cost of a solar power system, now is the perfect time to think about installing one. Making this transition now will allow you to reap state and federal government subsidies that may not be available later. You will also save enough over time on your utility bill that the system will have paid for itself.

Help For All Ohio Residents

123SolarPower is the leading source for home solar panels Ohio. Our partners offer the industry’s best solar power equipment. Adding solar power to your home or business offers many benefits. To get a free estimate of installation costs, as well as more information about the total value of available savings, please fill out the above form. Our experts will use this information to build you a custom solar assessment free of cost. We can also connect you with a local solar power expert by calling 800-294-2397.

Frequently Asked Questions

When making any modifications to the home, questions always arise. In order to discern whether adding solar panels is a good idea for a given home, having answers to the most frequently asked questions can help. These answers can not only help a homeowner decide whether or not to install solar panels on their home, but they may also help to alleviate some fears and/or concerns that homeowners have about solar power.

Will solar panels benefit my home if I do not have constant access to the sun?

It is a myth that only sunny places like California and Hawaii can benefit from the installation of solar panels. While solar panels do generate more power in areas that have more access to the sun, there are solar panels that are capable of capitalizing on diffused solar rays. These are the kind of solar rays that fall on overcast days.

What incentives are available to me?

There are many incentives in place to help convince homeowners to install solar panels. For example there are tax credits at both the state and federal levels. While the tax credit value varies by state, to the credit ranges to upwards of 25% on installation up to $1,000. Furthermore, most solar power devices are sales tax exempt. The federal tax credit is 30% on installation with no limit. For more information about tax incentives in your state, call 800-294-2397 to speak with a solar consultant.

What is the difference between on the grid and off the grid?

On the grid refers to one still being attached to the electric grid and essentially creates a solar/electric hybrid system. Off the grid refers to relying solely on solar power as the home is completely disconnected from any electric grid.

While solar panels may be expensive to install, the long-term savings (both personally and as a member of society) really outweigh the upfront costs. Moreover, the tax breaks available (through 2016) can also help to recoup some of the costs.

Adding solar panels to your home can benefit you in many ways—including tax credits and a decrease in your electric bill. For more information, please complete the online form or call 800-294-2397.

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