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Many people believe using residential solar panels requires a large, up front investment. However, 123SolarPower is here to dispel that myth. As home solar power systems grow in popularity, third party financing like solar leasing and solar ppa are making home solar panels available to more people everyday. There are a variety of additional saving options and incentive plans available. These financing and savings options include state tax credits, rebates, net metering policies, and federal tax credits that make buying a home solar system cheaper and easier than ever.

If you have ever felt deterred by the cost of solar panels for home or the cost of installing solar panels you need to consider a solar financing option. When it comes to solar system financing a homeowner is faced with three options. The first option is to purchase a solar system outright. The second option is to agree to solar panel leasing. Lastly, the third option is to use a solar power purchase agreement, also known as a solar PPA. Information about the third party financing models, solar leasing

Don’t just debate between whether to buy or lease solar panels, let us help you explore the variety of solar financing options available. To get started fill out our quick form so that one of our solar experts in your area can help find a financing plan for you.

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Is Solar Financing Right for You?

The short answer is yes. The advent of solar financing has made it easier than ever for homeowners to begin the solar projects they always dreamed of. The costs associated with buying and installing a solar system are all but removed by using either a solar power purchase agreement (Solar PPA) or leasing solar panels.

Both options reduce the financial risks associated with buying a system. They also often include third party maintenance clauses that reduce the burden of caring for the system on the homeowner. It is in the interest of the company or group that leases the panels or sells the solar power to keep them running, so it makes sense that they assume the responsibility hardware costs, installation costs, and maintenance.

123SolarPower works with localized solar power purchase agreement providers and solar panel leasing companies so that we can bring you solar anywhere in North America. Whether you hope to lease to own, or simply want to save money over time with a solar PPA, more homeowners than ever are using a solar financing option, and you should too.

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